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In Review…

Deconvolving microbial and environmental controls on marine sedimentary pyrite sulfur isotope ratios.
Bryant, R.N., Houghton, J.L., Jones, C., Pasquier, V., Halevy, I., Fike, D.A.

Sedimentary parameters control the sulfur isotope composition of pyrite.
Halevy, I., Fike, D.A., Bryant, R.N., Pasquier, V., Sela-Adler, M., Wenk, C.B., Turchyn, A. V., Wing, B.A., Claypool, G.E.

Inorganic sulfate-based signatures of chemosymbiosis in modern lucinids.
Bryant, R.N., Richardson, J.L., Kalia, T.C., Gros, O., Lopez-Garriga, J., Blättler, C.L.
Data available open access at Earthchem.


Early diagenetic constraints on Permian seawater chemistry from the Capitan Reef.
Bryant, R.N., Present, T.M., Ahm, A.S.C., McClelland, H.L.O., Razionale, D., Blattler, C.L. – GCA.
Data available open access at Earthchem.

Adapting automated instrumentation for high‐throughput calcium isotope measurements by MC‐ICP‐MS.
Razionale, D., Bryant, R.N., Blattler, C.L. – Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom.


Strong local, not global, controls on marine pyrite sulfur isotopes.
Pasquier, V., Bryant, R.N., Fike, D.A., Halevy, I. – Science Advances


Shifting modes of iron sulfidization at the onset of OAE-2 drive regional shifts in pyrite δ34S records.
Bryant, R.N., Jones, C., Raven, M.R., Owens, J.D., Fike, D.A. – Chemical Geology


Sulfur isotope analysis of microcrystalline iron sulfides using secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging: Extracting local paleo-environmental information from modern and ancient sediments.
Bryant, R.N., Jones, C., Raven, M.R., Gomes, M.L., Berelson, W.M., Bradley, A.S., Fike, D.A. – Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom.